Rebecca Wisocky Shares Insights on Hetty’s Heartbreaking Reveal in Latest ‘Ghosts’ Episode

In the recent episode of “Ghosts” titled “Holes Are Bad,” Rebecca Wisocky’s character, Hetty, confronts her dark past to prevent a tragedy, adding a poignant twist to the show’s usual humor. The storyline emerges while the main characters, Sam (played by Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), are away, leaving the ghostly residents to handle an unexpected crisis on their own.

During this time, it’s discovered that Flower (Sheila Carrasco), who was thought to have vanished, is actually trapped in a well on the property. With the risk of the well being sealed by a contractor, Hetty makes a brave decision to reveal her own tragic death in 1895 by suicide, which she committed using a telephone cord. In a dramatic turn of events, she uses this same cord to rescue Flower from the well, demonstrating the interconnection of her past with the present needs of her ghostly companions.

Speaking with Deadline, Wisocky delved deep into the implications of this episode for Hetty. “This season has been significant for Hetty. We delve into her life at 25 and explore decisions she made under pressure, which ultimately led her down a path of regret,” Wisocky explained. The actress appreciated the way the showrunners involved her in shaping Hetty’s narrative, ensuring it was treated with sensitivity and depth.

Wisocky praised the show’s balanced approach to storytelling, weaving humor with serious themes, which enriches the characters and makes their stories resonate with viewers. “It’s the mix of comedy and deep personal moments that make this show special. Revealing Hetty’s suicide was not just for shock value but a well-crafted part of her ongoing story,” she added.

The title of the episode itself, “Holes Are Bad,” metaphorically reflects Hetty’s emotional state and the storyline. “Seeing Flower in a similar predicament as her past, Hetty couldn’t ignore the parallels. It was a moment of realization and action for her,” Wisocky remarked, highlighting the character’s evolution through the seasons.

Wisocky also shared that not all plot developments are known to her in advance, which keeps the role challenging and engaging. “While I was clued into Hetty’s major reveal early on, sometimes I learn about significant plot twists just before filming. It keeps me on my toes and adds an element of surprise that I enjoy navigating as an actress,” she disclosed.

In discussing the reception of the show, Wisocky hopes that episodes like this can facilitate important conversations among viewers about personal struggles and mental health. “Our aim is to encourage openness and provide a sense that no one is alone in their struggles,” she concluded, emphasizing the broader impact “Ghosts” hopes to achieve beyond entertainment.

As the discussion continued, Wisocky delved into the collaborative process behind crafting Hetty’s character arc and the careful consideration given to handling sensitive topics. She expressed gratitude for being included in discussions about Hetty’s backstory, emphasizing the importance of portraying it with authenticity and respect.

The revelation of Hetty’s suicide was handled with nuance and depth, allowing viewers to empathize with her struggles while also acknowledging the complexity of her character. Wisocky highlighted the significance of this storyline in shedding light on mental health issues and the importance of seeking support during times of crisis.

Furthermore, Wisocky reflected on the show’s unique blend of comedy and heartfelt moments, which has resonated with audiences. She shared her appreciation for the writers’ ability to infuse humor into even the most poignant scenes, creating a rich and multifaceted viewing experience.

In discussing future episodes, Wisocky teased the possibility of further exploration into Hetty’s past and the impact it has on her relationships with the other ghosts. She expressed excitement for the upcoming developments and the opportunity to delve deeper into Hetty’s character.

As the interview concluded, Wisocky expressed her gratitude for the show’s dedicated fanbase and the opportunity to portray such a complex and compelling character. She reiterated the show’s commitment to authenticity and storytelling, reaffirming its mission to entertain and provoke meaningful conversations about life and death.
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