FCC Chair Advocates for Stringent Regulation on TikTok and Reinstatement of Net Neutrality

In a notable policy stance, FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel emphasized the need for stricter regulations on new media platforms like TikTok, contrasting the existing stringent rules against foreign ownership in traditional media. Speaking at an event at the Paley Center in NYC, Rosenworcel expressed her astonishment over the lack of regulatory oversight on platforms such as TikTok, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance. This comes in light of a House bill passed last month, which has yet to clear the Senate, mandating ByteDance to either divest its TikTok operations in the U.S. or face a potential ban.

Rosenworcel remarked, “In traditional media like television, foreign ownership is heavily regulated, but these rules haven’t extended to new media, which is a significant oversight.” She underscored the potential consequences of such disparities, advocating for the President to sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

Aside from addressing concerns over foreign ownership of media platforms, Rosenworcel also discussed several pressing issues related to internet regulation. Among these was the critical vote set for April 25 on whether to reinstate net neutrality rules that were repealed under her predecessor, Ajit Pai. The reinstatement of these rules is poised to prevent internet providers from engaging in practices like blocking, throttling, or prioritizing certain web traffic, thereby ensuring a level playing field online.

“Net neutrality is crucial for maintaining the integrity of how we use the internet, especially following our increased reliance on digital connectivity post-pandemic,” stated Rosenworcel. She emphasized the importance of the FCC’s role in regulating broadband as an essential service, something that was dialed back in previous administrations.

Furthermore, Rosenworcel is championing a new initiative for a “cyber trust mark,” which would certify the security standards of connected devices in homes, enhancing consumer trust and safety in products like baby monitors.

With a current Democratic majority in the FCC, Rosenworcel’s proposals, including the net neutrality rules, face a strong chance of adoption despite opposition from major internet service providers. These regulatory efforts signify a robust approach to both consumer protection in the digital age and national security concerns related to foreign influence and cybersecurity.

As the FCC moves forward under Rosenworcel’s leadership, the focus remains sharply on balancing the rapid advancements in technology with comprehensive and forward-thinking regulatory frameworks.
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