Emma Stone Set to Star in Mysterious New Project at Universal, Directed by Dave McCary

Following her acclaimed victory at the Oscars for her role in “Poor Things,” Emma Stone is now gearing up for an exciting new venture. She is currently in discussions to lead an undisclosed movie project under Universal Pictures. Adding a personal touch to the project, her husband Dave McCary is also negotiating to direct the film.

The screenplay, an original creation by Patrick Kang and Michael Levin—who previously collaborated on NBC and UTV’s “Young Rock”—is shrouded in secrecy, keeping the movie’s plot tightly under wraps.

Production will be handled by Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Dan Levine of 21 Laps, alongside Michael H. Weber. Stone and McCary will potentially join Ali Herting in producing the film through their Fruit Tree production company. Overseeing the project for Universal are Erik Baiers, the Senior EVP of Production Development, and Jacqueline Garell, a Creative Executive.

Emma Stone’s recent ventures include not only her Oscar-winning film but also her role in the Showtime series “The Curse,” which she also executive produced. She is expected to appear next in Searchlight’s “Kinds of Kindness,” which will premiere at Cannes Film Festival next month, where she is also an executive producer.

Dave McCary, a former writer-director at “SNL” and the director of “Brigsby Bear,” recently produced “A Real Pain” for Searchlight and “Problemista” for A24, in addition to executive producing “The Curse.” His industry representation includes Mosaic and Myman Greenspan.

The screenwriters, Kang and Levin, have a rich history in television, having produced multiple seasons of “Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.” for Disney+ and been part of the creative team for shows like “Trial & Error,” “Mighty Ducks,” and “Perfect Harmony.” They originally met on the set of “How I Met Your Mother” and are represented by Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment and attorney Sean Marks.

This new project promises to add an intriguing chapter to Stone’s and McCary’s careers, potentially highlighting their dynamic as both a professional and personal couple. As details remain limited, the anticipation for more information about this mysterious Universal project continues to build.

As anticipation builds for this untitled project, industry insiders and fans alike are buzzing about the potential that this film holds, especially given the caliber of talent involved. Emma Stone, known for her versatile acting skills, has demonstrated a knack for bringing depth and nuance to a variety of roles, from comedy to drama. Her collaboration with Dave McCary, who has gained a reputation for his unique directorial vision, suggests that the film could be an innovative and engaging production.

The involvement of screenwriters Patrick Kang and Michael Levin, known for their dynamic and engaging narratives, hints at a script that could offer fresh perspectives and memorable characters. Having carved a niche in both comedy and drama, their experience on television shows has prepared them to craft compelling and intricate storylines that could translate well to the big screen.

Universal Pictures’ backing of the project underscores its potential significance and appeal. The studio’s track record of supporting both blockbuster hits and critically acclaimed films gives an added layer of anticipation and confidence in the project’s success. The oversight by seasoned executives Erik Baiers and Jacqueline Garell ensures that the development will align closely with the studio’s vision and high standards.

Beyond the creative team, the production lineup also stands out. Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Dan Levine from 21 Laps, along with Michael H. Weber, bring a wealth of experience in producing high-quality content that resonates with diverse audiences. Their involvement likely promises a well-crafted film that blends artistic integrity with commercial appeal.

As Emma Stone continues to expand her role in the industry not just as an actress but also as a producer, her creative input will undoubtedly influence the film’s direction, potentially infusing it with her unique artistic sensibilities and passion for storytelling. Meanwhile, Dave McCary’s direction, coupled with his background in both scripted and sketch comedy, might offer a distinctive style that could set the film apart from conventional cinema.

With so many creative forces converging, this untitled project at Universal is poised to become a significant and potentially trend-setting film in Hollywood. As more details eventually emerge, the film industry will be keenly watching to see how these collaborations evolve into what could be one of the more talked-about releases in the coming years.

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